Tuesday, June 29, 2010

I guess its Summertime....

So somehow the beginning of my blog got lost...so if it shows up in the middle of Naomi's post..just ignore it.  This week has been pretty slow, but no where near as boring as last week.  My little brother, Andrew, got here in Thursday so that has been fun.  I'm kinda worried he's super bored but maybe he needs to just relaxe for a bit before jumping head first into college and sports and girls again?  The kids LOVE him and do not leave him to himself for a second.  It's so nice to have a little help around here, even if it's just holding a baby while I vacuum, it makes such a big difference!  My cousin came over to visit for a bit and we bbq'd and hung out.  He's a fun kid so that was nice too.  Ryan's weekend was pretty slow but relaxing.  We went to breakfast, which is one of my favorite things to do EVER!  I hate cooking breakfast, but love eating it.  After eating we went grocery shopping.Well this week was definitely a step up from last week!  My little brother, Andrew, got here on Thursday and   I can't remember when we needed to grocery shop so badly!  We know have a house full of food which is AWESOME except for the kids getting into the cupboards and thinking they can just rip open boxes and eat the contents without consent or care! 
I took Andrew to the mall yesterday to get the family some See's Candy, which is pretty coveted in MI since there aren't any stores out there.  I love going in to See's.  You almost get knocked out by a powerful whif of  chocolate in the air as soon as you walk through the entrance, and they always greet you with samples of some sort of decadent chocolate truffle.  Amazing.  Of course we bought a little bag of assorted chocolates to snack on through the rest of the mall.  I got a lemon truffle and Andrew got a coconut truffle. 
We let the kids ride on the choo-choo train which they ALWAYS ask to go on and I never have time to let them.  Amelia loved it and waved and smiled the whole time, Ezra bawled as soon as it started moving.
We were only there for about 2 hours but it seemed like an all day excursion by the time we got everyone out and into their carseats.
Speakinf of cars....WE'RE GETTING A NEW ONE!  I'm so excited :)  I cannot wait to have a car that we can all fit in comfortably instead of like a can of sardines.  That is an old saying right?  Ah well I dunno, but yeah it's going to be fun.  Anyway, not much more is going on, I kinda like slow lazy weeks like this, with little bits of excitment here and there.  It's not as tiring as full on exciting excitment, and not as boring as the nothingness of last week.  Lets hope for another week like this one!
Woot woot. It was Birthday week:) Monday was boring. But Tuesday I was so busy preparing and planning and that night I went into the bar and collected some birthday money and that was fun.

We got up way early Wednesday morning, rolled up a couple and took off. It was about a two and a half hour drive and the first hour was the worst driving experience I've ever had! It rained so damn hard I couldn't see my own lights. I was more scared driving than I was later on any of the coasters!
I had an INCREDIBLE time at Michigans Adventure! I went on almost everything and some things twice. But what I was not prepared for was..... My boyfriends a Pussy!! He was to scared to go on any of the coasters with me and wouldn't even go on the big water slides. LMFAO!! I had fun regardless and not gonna lie laughed at him a lot. Going on roller coasters alone is a little more nerve wracking though..
On the way home he took my to one of my all time favorite place's (that I actually used to work at) Buffalo Wild Wings.
It was so cool to go back and see all the changes. The food was still awesome too!! LOVE me some fried spicy shit.
As for the days since my birthday... Kinda stressful. I really need to be able to work full time again. Were strugglin with money all the time and while I can deal with it, Ryan can't. He hates being even a little poor. And when he's unhappy he makes sure I am too.
Not cool. And I'm feeling more and more like I'm never going to get what I'm looking for in this relationship. If I'm not going to get what I want I'm tired of wasting my time... I love him. But some times love's just not enough.
Another week of being a stay at home house wife. Its fun, iv never had my very own house to take care of before. But once I clean it, it stays clean…which is weird for me, im used to living with at least 7+ people, not just one!

Jesse started school this week, which means im home alone a lot more! Which means I get to practice my singing more! He wants me to go to American Idol try-outs on July 17th, iv been thinking about it a lot, and I think; hmm that would be fun, then I think NO WAY, but I think ill regret it if I don’t go, so hopefully everything goes smooth and im not forever known as “the girl who sucks at singing” for the rest of my life. To be honest, I just want to go so I can meet Ryan Secret J haha.
So we got rid of Jessica this week (our kitten) because “she” was pooping all over our brand new house! And the next day after she was gone, low and behold…THERE WAS STILL POOP EVERYWHERE. Frickin Mike Newton…..
Jesse and I have been communicating really well this week, we’ve been talking about a lot of things, and planning a lot of things for the near and far future. We finally made it to church this Sunday, which was good! I don’t think either of us have gone in over a month before that. I really like the church we found, its small, but not too small and everyone is so nice.
I cant wait for this weekend, Friday night were going to see Eclipse! Then Saturday I think were going to try to make it down to Florida again for some more beach time and fireworks! Then Sunday is my 2nd favorite holiday of the year!!! We were planning on having a big cookout and having all our friends over, but we cancelled today, we realized we weren’t ready for that! We have zero patio furniture and still haven’t found a good deal on a grille, so I guess we will have to find something fun to do on Sunday as well.

(Note from Rachel-Naomi's post has been edited to be the color "cat poop brown" for proper effect)


  1. Naomi, I love how you dont bother to let everyone know that Mike Newton was your other kitten....HAHAHA

  2. LOL! I was wondering who the H "Mike Newton" was??? That was the name of a kitten? I should have known! lmao! and Rachel............editing text color~! :)