Monday, June 21, 2010

Most boring week ever....

This week was SOOOOOOOO boring.  I have like, nothing to write about.  Um, I mopped the floor.  Fun.
Ryan worked late alot.  It's getting pretty hot but nothing unbearable yet.  Low 100's, high 90's.
Um........I'm kinda in a rut.  I feel so motivated and inspired...but cleaning the house and my other normal chores dont satisfy the longing feeling I have.  I don't know what to do.  It's not a feeling of discontentment or anything.  I'm happier now then I have been in years!  It's more like...I feel like Im waiting for something, like Christmas?  Or like I should be planning something.  Fullfilment, thats what Im looking for. 
I dont really know.  I guess Im just bored.  Ive been stressing about alot of things lately too, which is not normal for me.  Things dont usually keep my up at night, but the last few days I have had a hard time falling to sleep cause there is so much on my mind.  I keep thinking, and have thought for so long that when Ivy turns one things will be so much easier, and now that were almost there Im not so sure I was correct!  I really hope so though.  I feel great lately.  I'm working out and trying to get some muscle back in my body.
I have energy and dont take that for granted EVER.  I love running up the stairs and everytime I do I think about how I couldn't do that when I was pregnant. 
Anyway, thats really all thats going on in my life, sadly.  I'll see ya next week.
Um, what happened this week? Nothing special I guess. Really I feel like all I do anymore is clean, cook, sleep, work, and lately I've been hanging out with my friend Shannon and her kids.

Funny Story. Shannon is Ryan's ex-girlfriend from like 8 years ago. I always thought I'd hate her. But we met at a party almost 2 months ago and I feel like we've talked every day since. She is with out a doubt the best friend I have right now and I don't know what I'd do without her. It has been so long since I had an actual day to day girlfriend who is there for me to talk to and turn to and just simply chill with. It's so good for me. Being alone all the time was getting to be too much... ♥
It's ALMOST my birthday!! I cannot wait=) Ryan is taking me to Michigan's Adventure and I fully plan on having more fun than any kid there. I'm hoping the day off and whatnot will be good for us. Funny that I'm almost as excited about the drive there as I am about going!
It's been so hot I just hope it keep's up so I can play in the water park!
I just want to talk about next week... I apologize for the short, boring blog...
Well, nothing special this week, pretty boring actually. I made brownies, and cookies…and dinners. I cook a lot lately. Cook, clean, lay outside and shop- that’s my life. I need a job, or a friend or something. I love Jesse but he’s not always going to be here, and I need someone to talk to about him, and girl stuff.
 I met a girl today, her and her husband have been married for 2 weeks, and Jesse and I for 3, so were pretty much in the same situation. We exchanged numbers and we are going to become pool buddies! I’m excited for that.
Jesse starts school in one week! That means I’m going to be home alone and bored A LOT pretty soon. Especially because I don’t have a car yet :/ I really need one of those. I love love love my house though and I enjoy cleaning it and setting everything up and making it look nice. But it feels pretty pointless sometimes, its just Jesse and I, so no one even gets to see how nice I make it!
I cant believe Im even married, it sometimes doesn’t even feel like I am. Not in a bad way, but this is NOTHING like I imagined marriage to be. Haha, I love my husband and my life, I just always pictured it being different that what it is. I think some of it is the age difference, usually people get married, buy a house together, support each other, and build a life together. Jesse already had everything and he just sort of brought me into it. I’m NOT complaining, its wonderful. Its just something im going to have to get used to I suppose. It sometimes feels like im his spoiled little daughter or something, haha its funny but just weird sometimes. It feels weird not having to do anything, not having any responsibility or ….anything! I mean yes, I clean up and cook. But he always helps me, he takes care of things too. He’s so used to living alone I think its weird for him to have someone do the chores for him. So we do them together most of the time.
Oh yeah! I went to Victoria’s Secret semi-annual sale, it was amazing. I could have spent the whole day in there! I want to go back before it ends!!!!! I got 2 new bras, shampoo and conditioner, body wash, lotions, sprays, and make up. All the good undies were gone :/
We saved 2 kittens from the pound on Thursday;  Mike Newton and Jessica, they like to poop in daddy’s office. HAHAHA. Well, that’s about it.

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