Wednesday, June 9, 2010

New Beginnings

Wow its been a long time. It just seemed like way to much was going on to try and keep up with these last few months, but now theres so much to catch up on!! Im sure your going to be hearing a ton about a certain event, so Im just going to say it was so so much fun and I am pretty sure I enjoyed it more then Naomi! It was a daunting task flying to MI with all three babies. Amelia did fantstic and Ivy did very well, Ezra though....poor little boy....he just didn't like it. The return flights were way worse then the first ones. I dont want to fly for a while after that.

We were pretty busy the whole time with wedding stuff. The unofficial bachelorette party was so much fun, and much needed for all of us involved I think. The Rehearsal dinner was fun too :) Then finally the big day! I loved my hair. *sigh*
I really didn't think Amelia was going to cooperate, especially after having to practically force her into her dress! In the end she did so great and stood up there like such a big girl. The reception was so fun and I wish Naomi had enjoyed it more then she appeared too. I got to see alot of people I hadn't seen in YEARS. After all the wedding stuff was over it was kinda hard to not feel the sadness in the house. Sunday morning we went to breakfast then took the kids to the zoo with some friends, spent all day there and then went back home for pizza. Monday we took them to the memorial day parade that I used to ride my horse in. That was alot of for me just for reminiscent sake. They liked it and I even think Ryan enjoyed it in a weird way :) Later that day Ryan took the boys to see Iron Man 2, and mom and Esther, the kids, Annie and I all went to do a little shopping. We met the boys and Joey and Leah at Steak n Sheak for dinner. Tuesday was hard, time to leave again and not know when we will be back. :( I know we'll see everyone soon, but theres just something about being "home" that relaxes me more then anything. The kids loved playing out in the big country and Amelia bawled when we had to leave. She kept asking if Grandma was on the plane with us. Poor baby girl.
Other than the whole wedding shebang the last few months have been a blur.
The things that stick out the most to me, or have effected my life in any way are far to personal to blog about on even the most private of blogs. I'll just say this, it is beyond crazy how the things that you think are going to be the end of you actually turn out being a new beginning.
I feel more happy now than I have in literally years. We found a church a few months back and though we dont always make it, we LOVE going. The kids are loving it too surprisingly. Ezra has a rought first few minutes when we drop him off but the ladies who work there are so so sweet and always win him over :)
In April, Amelia had her 3rd birthday! She is getting so tall and beautiful, but she is still just teeny tiny. We had a birthday party for her and she had the best time of her life and Im certain will always remember it. She had a bounce house and a princess cake and a unicorn pinata. She's such a smart sweet little girl.

Ryan and I finally got wedding bands! They are both beautiful and couldn't have come at a better time. I'm actually really glad we got them when we did rather then have had them our whole marriage. It made me feel renewed kind of :)
I have such a brighter more positive outlook on life right now, its hopeful and exciting. The kids are all growing so much and getting to be so fun.
Ryan and I are able to do things together again. I missed him so much these last few years. I know he was with me the whole time, but being pregnant all the time and always having tiny babies is so stressful! I eppreciate everything he does for me and our little family. Everyday is exciting and our adventure it just beginning!


Catch up? Let's see we left off at Christmas right? Well where do I start?

Lets just skip January and February. They were boring. The only good thing was I didn't get sick either month. Valentines day was normal. By normal I mean a disappointment.
But March! In March my darling little sister got engaged. And so the stress started! Pulling the perfect wedding together in less than three months is harder than you think. Somewhere in the middle of it I managed to fall down some stairs and fracture a vertebrate in my back, landing me in the hospital for a couple days. Not long after that I got sick and though I tried my hardest to fight through it I had to go back in. The next few weeks were filled with driving and dress fittings and shoe shopping and for my mom and Naomi so so much else. I threw her a bachelorette party and it was tons of fun but I over did myself and ended up in the hospital yet again for my "unknown illness." Finally the wedding was upon us! My older sister flew in from California to be maid of honor and brought her family. So I got to see my nieces and nephew and that was Amazing. As was the wedding. I'm sure Naomi will go into detail so I wont. But it was wonderful and beautiful and HOT! I was definitely sweating in places ladies shouldn't. I got to see a lot of old friends and watching Naomi exchange vows was so moving! The cake was delicious too. All in all quite the success. And I got through it without getting sick!
Now here we are in June and I'm feeling blue. Blue blue. I miss Naomi. She and Jesse are happily living in their new home in Alabama and I feel like I've lost my best friend. Its really hard some times. Like when I randomly want to go to lunch or the movies! I have recently made some new friends who all ready mean a lot to me and I feel so blessed to have met them. We are going through some tough times financially so I really can't do much of anything. But I do what I do and get by with it. I found a Church I like and am trying to go when I feel able.
Ryan and I.... Well were still us. I wont lie were struggling. But I'm not ready to give up on us or my dreams. I am ready to have kids. I've always wanted to be a young mother. And he has always known that. I am tired of feeling held back. But I love him and I know with out a doubt that he loves me. Maybe we are just in different places in our lives? Whatever is wrong I have faith that we'll make it through this hard time. Sometimes.....


I’m so mad we took our little break from blogging, now everyone is so behind and some of the BEST things ever, went unwritten. Oh well, I can try to remember a few things and pull a little “catch up” blog together ;)

Well, Jesse completed his training and I went down for his graduation! He came home for a few weeks after he graduated to move more of his things down to Alabama and say his final goodbyes, he asked me to marry him, then he left again and it was so sadL …..wait what! Yes that’s right, we got engaged!!!!!!!!!!!!!! It was one of the best moments of my life, even though I was crying uncontrollably, it was for a good cause.
Jesse was writing a journal almost everyday while he gone at his training, when I went down for his graduation he told me I could read the journal! He gave me the book and I began reading, I only got about 2 sentences down when the book was ripped out of my hands and Jesse tore a page out of the middle of the book and handed it back to me. Of course, now, the only page I wanted to read was the one that was no longer in the book. I bugged him about it for weeks but he refused to let me even take a peak at it.
A few weeks later we drove back to Michigan, I had mostly forgot about the letter, although it was still somewhere in the back of my mind. On one of his final nights in Michigan, his parents had family and friends over to celebrate their sons great achievements. It was a fun day, we talked, laughed, ate an had a good time. The party died down and Jesse and I took a little trip to visit and friend of his, after being there for a very short time we needed to head back to town, where I was supposed to meet my sister and some friends for a movie. Out of nowhere the letter popped into my head and I asked if I could read it now, I was SHOCKED by his answer “Yes” I started to get very excited! He told me to wait until we park the car somewhere first, then I can read it. He drove back to the park near his parents house and parked by the fence, it was raining so we sat in the car. He handed me the letter and I began to read. It went a little something like this…..I love Naomi with all my heart, I want her and only her for the rest of my life…basically just professing his undying love for me J when I was finished I had tears rolling down my face, and I look up to find that he had the same thing! I was confused why he was crying…..until he took my left hand and slid on a diamond ring, “I love you, I want to be with you forever, will you marry me”.
We got married May 29th, 2010 and have been living in our gorgeous new home in Alabama for 10 days now. The wedding planning was the worst 2 months of my life, Jesse was still in Alabama and I was pretty much on my own. Yes my wonderful motherS helped out a lot, but a never had someone with me when I needed it the most. About half-way through the engagement I started to realize that this was it, I was going to get married, move away and hardly ever see my friends and family again. As bad as I wanted to hang out with all of them and just spend time with them as much as possible, the chaotic stress and busy schedule kept me from doing so. A few days before the wedding, Rachel, Ryan and the kids flew in from California. It was such a stress reliever to see and play with her kids, so cute, I love them, and honestly…they are the only reason that I ever even consider having kids of my own. Weird, I’m allowed to do that now!
Thursday night, Rachel, Annie, Amy and I went over to Jesse’s “Michigan house” for a final girls night/bachellorette party. It was just the four of us, wedding cake shots, and ice cream cake, but I was honestly one of the best nights I have had in a long time and I don’t plan on forgetting it anytime soon. It was so great to just get away from everything and spend time with my close friends. It was “sorta” the best night ever! The next day/night was setting everything up, making last minute touches and rehearsal dinner, it all went….well… im glad its over J The wedding was a blast, getting ready was so fun, of course and the ceremony was beautiful. I kind of ran down the isle I was told. But I was just excited to finally be married I suppose.
Now here I am, sitting in my king sized bed waiting for the husband to get home. These last three months have been a blur, good parts and bad parts, but I am so happy at where my life is at right now and I wouldn’t change it for the world.

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  1. "It was 'sorta' the best night ever." I fucking love you!!!!