Monday, November 23, 2009

New Moon and the Holidays begin

For as quickly as last week was, this week made up for by dragging at snail pace. It was eventful in its own way. No real catastrophes but still enough action to leave me exhausted by the end of the day. And so it goes with toddlers in your house. I had some enlightening moments though, which were very overdue! I really love this time of year and I want my kids to love it too. I cant wait to start baking and shopping and decorating. I have really been trying to be more patient with the kids and trying to not stress out about anything unworthy of my stress. It seems to be working out ok. Ivy is in full smiling cooing mode now so that helps me feel a little better. You just feel so unloved when your baby only cries for you and then eats and go back to sleep. A little smile in between there is a great pick me up. I got to go see my first movie in years on Friday. The Twilight Saga's "New Moon" It was AMAAAAAAZZING! I absolutely loved every second of it. Its the first time ever a movie was made from a fantastic book without totally sucking and leaving important things out. Wow I want to see it again.
We had a trip planned to drive up to see Ryan's family for thanksgiving week. I had reserved a rental car about a week and a half earlier and later Friday night we went to pick it up only to find that Ryan's card had expired like a week ago. And they couldn't let us rent it without a major credit card. So that was fun. We had to scramble around at like 9pm and try and find someone who would let us use their card, and they had to be present at the time of the renting procedure. Well we did find someone but by the time we got the car it was like 11:00pm so I was trying to get everything put in the car and transfer car seats and take a shower and all that stuff. Kids come with so much luggage! Ezra has been teething all weekend so he kept waking up screaming and I had to lay with him off and on all day and night, poor little boy is getting four molars! He has a fever and wont eat anything he has to bite. So the drive was awesome to say the least. He cried like the entire time. Its so cold here! My poor desert babies are not used to this extreme weather. I mean really its like 50 degrees but we not used to seeing anything below 65! They have a huge german shepherd dog who Amelia just loves. She was outside with him earlier and I was spying on her talking to him, she was sitting there petting his nose saying "better not eat me Max, better not"
I know it lame but thats about it for this week. Alot happened in between the lines but unless anything more comes of it I am going to leave it unsaid. Until next week!


I dont know that I even want to talk to much about this week. I lost all three of my kittens. One by one no matter what I did for them they died off. I am so so upset about this its got me crying all the time. I wont even go into detail about what happened. But it was terrible.
Lets focus on good things. I FiNaLlY got my food stamp and disability money. Its not much. But its enough to help us out right now. Im babysitting for a few good friends and am able to do a few side jobs. So things are finally looking up financially. I never thought paying bills would feel so good. With lots of food in the house again Im trying to gain my weight back. Yesterday I ate a bowl of cereal, 2 yoplait whip yogurts, a ham sandwhich and chips, 2 toaster strudels, half of a calzone and a bowl of ice cream. Wasn't a very productive day but I got alot of reading done:)
I have decided that this Christmas WILL BE wonderful! I am taking my department store credit cards and buying the people I love presents and am not even going to worry about how long it takes me to pay it off. I cant wait till Thanksgiving, partly because were going to my parent this year and I am so so excited and hungry just thing about it. And partly because I get to decorate the house for Christmas the day after! I'm getting a real tree and can smell it all ready. I have alot of good Christmas memories and some bad. But I do always remember Rachel being the one who picked out our tree every year. And it was always beautiful.
I've been a total klutz this week. I spill and drop everything and I fell down our stairs for the first time. It reminds me of how bad I was when I was younger. I got my first bloody nose by opening the refrigerator door. And speaking of doors I managed to get my tongue closed in one once. Or the time I was clothes lined while running my pony. Stepping off the side of the stairs and getting a concussion. Having a horse fall on me and getting staples in my head as the result. I think those are all the favorites but trust me there's more. Just yesterday I sliced my finger wide open cutting lemons....
I guess my life is pretty boring right now. Maybe next week I'll be more insightful.

Iv been having so much fun lately. It doesn’t even matter what I’m doing, I’m in a constant good mood and I enjoy pretty much anything I do. Except school of course, but its almost over….one more week! I have this next week off for thanksgiving break, then I go back and take exams and then its over….wow.
My weeks never have anything interesting to talk about so I usually skip them and talk all about my wonderful weekendsJ
I didn’t have school on Friday so I went home on Thursday night. I convinced Jesse to skip work on Friday so we could spend the day together…haha it was…interesting. We drove to grand rapids to look at a truck that he wants to buy his dad for Christmas, it was…not my idea of a fun day together, but it ended up being really fun! We always have fun on our little road trips. The rest of the night Friday we just hang out, talked, watched movies…the norm.
Saturday morning I had to go back to school for a choir rehearsal..... boring. After it finally ended, I headed back home for about 5 minutes, then over to Jesses….again. We cleaned his whole house! It was fun, I love cleaning other peoples houses.
Saturday afternoon I headed over to one of my best friends, Casey's house. She is due in February with twins, one boy and one girl. She had her baby shower. It was pretty fun, I lost all of the games. People would think that I would win, and be really smart about baby stuff because of my big family and midwife mother, but the truth is….IM NOT. I held a baby earlier this week…it was awkward.
I felt bad, but I couldn’t wait for the shower to be over….not just because I wanted to get out of the room filled with chicks, but because tonight Jesse and I were going to see NEW MOON.
We got to the theatre at 730, haha to our surprise, on the 3rd night of its showings… 3 different theatres the 730, 8, 840 and 9 o clock shows were all sold out. We bought tickets for the 9:40 show and headed out to the mall to kill some time.
We got some dinner at Applebee’s and wondered around the mall looking for the boots I want…no luck there.
The time actually flew by and before we knew it the movies was starting….it was the best 2 hours of my life. I’m scared to talk about it because I don’t want to sound like an obsessed freak, but truthfully, that’s really what I am.
The rest of the weekend was blah compared to that Saturday night, we got some pizza, watched some movies and just hung out.
I was back in Bellevue and ready to settle down and go to bed when I realized that my homework and book bag with my papers that were due Monday morning were missing…awesome. Just my luck, I had to get up and drive back to my mothers and get my stuff. I ended up just staying and getting up extra early to drive to school Monday morning.
I love every second I spend the Jesse and it kills me to think that in exactly one month today, he will be gone.

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