Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Ooooh Life

So I am still sick.  I am soooo over it.  We went to Pasadena last weekend to visit some family who was down for business.  Stayed in a sweet hotel that had awesome breakfast, and an indoor fish pond that the kids, especially Ezra, were obsessed with.  We didn't really do much except eat, which is fine by me.  We ate at Red Lobster one night and I got the best crab crusted talapia.  Omg It was soo delicious.  I also had some clam chowder and biscuits, which really not alot can beat that.  However someone there had this cold that I now have an cannot get rid of.  I started to get a sore throat on the last day and by the time we got home I had a sore throat, stuffy nose, my sinusis were killing me and I have a cough that wont quit.  It had knocked me on my fricken butt for the last week!  My house is a complete disaster which is so annoying cause I had it so nice there for a while.  Now its going to take a months worth of non stop action to get it back together.  I just feel like all my energy has been sucked from my body, and given to my children.  lol
I accidently fell asleep the other day and when I woke up there was chocolate sauce covering my kitchen floor...My kitchen is I would guess about 12 to 14 feet....covered, no more like SMEARED in hersheys syrup.  Of course the kids were covered in it to from head to toe.  I threw them outside and hosed them off then made them stay out while I went to clean up the floor.  I went to get the mop and then discovered my purse and all of its contents dumped out under the kitchen table, and all of my make up had been used as paint...on the floor and the walls and in the bathroom.  They had gotten mascara in the carpet as well.  I wanted to sit down and cry for like an hour but the stupid chocolate sauce had started to dry so I had to be quick.  I had to mop like five times after the initial wipe down.  The make up was a bit more difficult, and almost a week later I am still finding smears of it behind doors and on the walls.  I had to just wipe it as well as I could and what remains will just have to be painted over.  That was fricken when they got the spaghetti noodles I was going to make for dinner off the counter and spilled it all over, I was livid.  I spanked them and told them to go sit on the couch,  of course I didn't know they have both shoved noodles down their shirts.  So when I went into the living room and saw angel hair spaghetti sticking up all over I completely lost it.  And much like the make up mess, I am still vacuuming up angel hair.  The moral of the story is, don't get sick, and definitely never ever take naps unless your kids are securely locked in cages.
The rest of the week has been normal, it's super hot so the kids dont spend alot of time outside unless the sprinklers are on.  I don't leave the house without Ryan unless I absolutely have to, and since we just went grocery shopping two days ago I will be home for the next three weeks :)  I don't care honestly, I love my house.  I just wish it was a little...cleaner.
Wow. I just had to go read my own blog from last week to see if I was mixing my days up again...

Let's jump right into it. I don't know how this is going to work. I could swear I just make him more unhappy like 70 percent of the time. I do the slightest thing slightly wrong, and you'd think I burnt the house down. I KNOW I am NOT the world's biggest fuck-up. But some time's I feel like I am. It's getting ridiculous. I hate enough of life I don't need to hate myself.

It's been so miserably hot lately I can't get the energy to do anything. I lay around with fans blowing on me feeling like a worthless bum. Um, disgusting news. I'm pretty sure I've sweat more this summer than any summer of my life. I'm wondering if it's because of one of these random drugs they've put me on. The Doctor's seem to love switching my meds as often as they can.

I can't sleep at night. Like at all. I lay there and toss and turn and some time's cry till morning when I finally catch a few hours. But in the evening's Im exhausted! And when I'm trying to work that's a huge pain in my ass. Speaking of. Me and two other girls from the bar got picked to go be "Ring Girls" for some cage fight's that were being held downtown. It was a long night but it was lot's of fun. Even when we had to side step blood in the ring... Watching the fight's was my favorite part though. But we did a lot of promotions for the bar and passed out over 250 free passes.

Well I would love to tell you more. Unfortunately I cannot. So I'm going to go try and take a nap. Or shower. Both are much needed.
I got my hair done last Wednesday, it was extremely black. Iv gotten in the shower everyday since then and every time I wash and rinse my hair (which is sometimes 3 times per shower!) it runs and runs with dark black water, well its Monday now and my hair is dark brown….I like it much better dark brown but I think I could probably complain and get my money back...hmm I might just do that.

I got a job, sort of =) I went to an open call for a modeling agency, just for fun, not really thinking anything would come of it. Well they want me! So August 14th I have a workshop, which is basically paper work, and some makeup, runway, posing classes. I’m actually super excited about it! They had a book of some of their models at the audition and they were in a lot of big and popular magazines and commercials. Maybe this is my big break!!! I hope it doesn’t turn out to be a scam =/ but so far it doesn’t seem that way at all! So since I got my acceptance letter from this agency iv been working out extra hard and actually paying attention to what I eat and how much I eat! I feel much better already, I don’t think I’m fat but I could definitely be more toned.
Well its Jesse’s birthday today, July 26th, and he is twenty-eight! HOLY CRAP! Ha-ha its still so weird to think about our age difference sometimes, but I don’t mind at all. His friends give him a hard time about it everyday! And they are always asking me questions about it, like….what are you thinking? And why? And what do your parents think about this? Hahaha, Its so funny to hear them talk about it and just be so blown away by it all, come on, 8 years is not that big of a deal! So I still don’t know what I’m going to get him! He gets home at 2 and then I’m off to town to find him some sort of gift…..its probably going to end up being like, candy.
Over-all I had a good week, this weekend was a little, well a lot, different than Id hoped it be. But its over and its time to move on and start with a fresh, new week. Hopefully ill actually get things done this week!

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