Sunday, December 20, 2009

Hey Christmas-Holla back!

We got the Swine Flu! Or the H1N1 I guess.... It sucks, but we got a pretty mild case. Amelia and Ezra were both pretty sick, throwing up, fevers, sore throats and coughing. Poor little babies. Ryan and I both have sore throats and slight head colds but none of the rest of the symptoms the little ones got. We all pretty much seem to be on the mend now. It wasn't worse then any other flu Ive ever had though. I did set a new record for how many times in one day I got puked on, it used to be 2, now it is 5. Awesome, go me. Ezra lost his voice for a couple days which was refreshing. Poor little boyly :)
That pretty much took up most of my entire week, but I did manage to sneak out and get some little things for the kids stockings so they can at least have something on Christmas morning.
I also got some biscuit dough so I can fry them and make donuts for them. It should be fun.
Ryan will get home early so we will just have family time and be thankful for what we DO have instead of stressing about what we dont. We have plenty more Christmas's to make up for it.
So this has been a pretty boring week. There are tons of good movies on over the Holidays though. I watched How to lose a guy in 10 days, The Holiday, Mean Girls, and You've Got Mail! Its amazing. Reminds me I need to start collecting dvd's.
I tried to take a christmasy picture of the kids under their stockings but it was a total mess. I dont know how people manage to get their kids pictures done. I remember trying to take Amelia when she was 1 for pictures and she would NOT stand and let them take even one picture! She may let them now, but I doubt Ezra would. I should get some of Ivy though since she hasn't had her pictures taken yet and shes 3 months old already :) hhmmm yeah.
Anyway my stomach is going to eat me alive if I dont feed it something. Boring week=boring blog. Til next week!
Be Safe.


So last week was my turn to not write. I've had the craziest busiest two weeks in awhile. My little brother Andrew is in jail, at least until January 14. This was unexpected and very unfair. It breaks my heart when I think of my dear baby brother in such a terrible place. I went to see him on visiting day and it was SO hard! He was close to tears the whole time and it was all I could do to keep from bawling. I'm writing him letter's too and the first letter I got from him made me cry so much. I put as much money in his account every week that I can. I wish I could do more- I miss him so much. I remember when he was born we lived in a trailor and the midwife had to open the door and sit on the steps to catch him. So that's how we know were rednecks. Another hard thing that has happened was my mom's surgery. It was so hard to see her in the hospital but I was so happy to repay the favor for all the time's she spent by my hospital bed. The first few days after she got home were really hard too. My dad of course was not much help. She is doing slightly better now but still just lays around mostly. And if you knew my mom you'd know that means she's still in a lot of pain:( I do all I can for her but never feel like it's enough. I am now working two job's and am freaking exhausted! My sleep schedule is so messed up and my body is not used to all this physical labor after being sick for so long. Not to mention having one car 2 people and 3 jobs get's pretty hard sometimes. I dont get as much time with Ryan as I used to and that's sad. I love him more than I ever thought I could. It's amazing how even after three years every kiss still give's me butterflies. How the touch of his hand gives me goose bumps. How His compliments still make me blush. He's so good to me and has taken such good care of me through out my illness. I probably spent way to much on him for Christmas considering how hard up we are. But I want to make up for spending last Christmas in the hospital. I LOVE Christmas and have almost all my shopping done. Ryan and I are going to my families on Christmas eve and then Ryans family and son are coming to our house Christmas day. I am so so so excited. I know this is not very long but I'm busy and tired and hungry so next week it is:)


Due to facebook status updates, I think that everyone in the world now knows that my mom had surgery . Well yes, she did and she is recovering very well, but while she was down and unable to walk around or sit anywhere I was in charge of....well everything! It experience, an awful awful experience. I woke up at the buttcrack of dawn, got the kids ready for school, made lunch, took them to school, came home for 2 hours then took another kid to school, stayed in town and shopped for 2 hours pretty much everyday then picked them up from school and took them home, made dinner, cleaned house, did laundry and did the same thing the next day!!! ahhhh it was so bad. So now that i had to go through that, i have added many more reasons to my "reasons not to have kids" list.
So other than cooking, cleaning and taking care of kids, last week was pretty uneventful. I still got to see Jesse every night for at least a little bit. I am SO glad he got this extention or else he would be leaving in 2 days!!! ahhh im so happy.
I cant believe its almsot chirstmas, it blows my mind like...alot. its insane how fast time goes by these days. Anyways, I think im getting sick, my throat hurts and I want to throw up everytime I eat...but I keep eating anyways cuz im fat and bored.
Oh yeah im really excited, tomorrow morning I am going to my Best Friend Casey's (the one having twins) ultrasound with her! She is due end of January..I cant believe it! I remember buying her the test and running into the bathroom to see the results...and now they are almost here!!!!! wow...crazy.
mmk well enough for now, HOLLLLA......oh wait Im Naomi,

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